Tuesday 23 September 2008

Blummin sheep!

Today has been one of those days, you know its not going to be a good one when you start it with a trip to the dentist for a filling - I don't like dentists!

As I had to go into suburbia for the dentist I thought I'd pay a trip to the supermarket for those annoying essentials that cost a fortune for not a lot. The most annoying of all by the time I got home the sun had gone in and the rain arrived.

Gaussian has been a monkey with his bottle today too, he took hardly any from me this morning or lunchtime, when he sits on my knee he spends too much time turning his head to watch me or we get help from Horatio. He was slightly better this evening when he could sit on Paul's knee and I fed - fussy little devil! At least he'd put on some weight when I weighed him today.

Finally I've been chasing round the escaping lambs again! Following their change of field Ebony & Ivory have been wondering. The only problem is Mia is now to fat to get through the fence, so they struggle to find their way back without her. I've left Ebony in the horse field because she wouldn't play my game, hopefully she will work her way back or we are in for a noisy night!

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