Thursday 22 October 2009

An outbreak of CKD

CKD - a worrying outbreak has occurred. More on that in a minute.

I'm not quite sure where today has gone, we don't seem to have achieved much at all!

We did a bit of toe nail cutting this morning. The boys, Legend and Gianmarco in particular were looking in need of a trim. It is amazing how quickly their nails grow in comparison to everyone elses.

Legend was a very naughty boy, he doesn't like his toe nails cutting, to be honest he's getting worse. This is probably because he is now a very big boy full of lots of power and muscle so when he decides you are not cutting his nails it is difficult to persuade him otherwise!! It took as long to do his nails as it did to do all the other boys put together. Typically he's the one whos nails grow the quickest so needs them doing the most.

Other than that I've order some more Barnacre ribbon ready for the various fairs and markets we are attending in the run up to Christmas; the first one being Morpeth Farmers Market on the 7th November. It is actually the 10th anniversary so hopefully it will be busy.

This brings me nicely onto the outbreak of CKD....................... Compulsive Knitting Disorder. Carol who recently started knitting for me emailed me to tell me she'd caught it and so have I, it must be highly contagious. I'm hoping that mum will have it to as we always need more stock at this time of year. People always want something in a different colour or size or more pairs than you have.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The boys can be a real problem with toe nails !!...I also have my hands full, with a couple of mine...there must be an easier way !!...some how.....nice to see that the CKD is catching !....Jayne

Unknown said...

CKD. That was so funny, I thought we had something else to worry about with the alpacas. Now I know it's just something I'm suffering from and that it is incurable.