Monday 20 September 2010

When it's gone it's gone

After this weekends show I have been on shop updating duties today. The on-line shop seems to take forever to keep up to date but it's one of those jobs I can't afford not to do. It would be just my luck to sell something on there which I have sold at a show.

That happened once last year, whilst I was at a chow I sold a hat and scarf set only to come home to find an online purchase for the same thing. Thankfully the customer was happy for the set to be done in a slightly different colour!

I have got a number of markets booked between now and Christmas but at the rate things are selling I might run out of stock. I proud myself on only using fleece from our own animals so once it's gone it's gone.

Paul is really suffering today, so I am even more of a slave to him than normal, it must be bad as he's going to the doctors tomorrow and we not frequent visitors there. In fact I've not been to the doctors since we moved up here 4 years ago and I never even registered anywhere at the house before this one!


oak haven alpacas said...

I hope it's nothing serious with Paul. No fun to be under the weather.

I hear you on only using your own fleeces. It's wonderful that products are in this much demand :)


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh dear hope the visit to the Drs isn't too have to look after eachother.....Jayne