Wednesday 26 January 2011

Blackberry panic

Shock horror, it's not eleven o'clock and I'm blogging.  I managed to get on the machine early tonight, Barbara's suggestion of stealing Paul's Blackberry worked. Asking why the screen had gone all funny seemed to increase the speed at which he left the computer too!

We have had visitors this afternoon so we went over to say hello to the weanlings, who thoroughly enjoyed their visitors.  They came running to the gate and walked round the field with us, making a quick detour to point out that their food trough was empty.  They didn't seem to realise that it wasn't tea time and their human visitors had just shared two carrots with them.  As usual the three Guinea cria, Ochre, Meketaten and Pearson has more than their fair share.

As the herd are currently munching their way through small bales of hay far too quickly, Mr T has got one more big round one for them.  We have rolled it into position in his barn this afternoon so he can stab it with the forks tomorrow and put it over the fence for us.  That should keep the girls going for 10 days hopefully, seeing as the mouths to feed in that field has reduced now.


Unknown said...

Glad to be of use :))

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now u know where the weaknes....lies, Paul will be guarding that Blackberry with his life !!........sounds like the babies are getting used to their will soon be forgiven......nice to see that some are coming running to you already !!........Jayne