Wednesday 16 January 2013

But it's minus 10

It was an extremely cold night last night, far too cold for anymore snow so this morning all the water troughs were well and truly frozen as were all the outside and barn taps.  That meant I had to fill all the water troughs down in the barn from the house and boy can all these animals drink some water!

As the sun was shining I thought everyone would be glad to go out and play, wrong!  I had to physically push most of the main herd out of the shed and rather than running straight out the gate and up the channel they chose to run round the yard and back into the barn through the main door.

After rather a lot of running backwards and forwards and chuntering on my part the main herd were eventually in their field.  To give you some idea of the severe frost we had this was one of the cobwebs on the fence.

Next out was the new girls, now these girls have been brilliant at their routine from day two of being here; not today.  They also decided that they didn't want to go up into their field and Carol (Sponsored by Carol for the year) decided to take them down to the main gate instead.

Just to prove it wasn't just the girls pushing their luck today here was Luca sharing Lily's milk bar again.  I'm wondering if Cassiopeia will let him feed once I have weaned Lily at the weekend, she looks at him when he's feeding so she knows he does it.

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Anonymous said...

That's typical of 'Carols' isn't it.....leading others astray!
Can't wait to get up to see Carol but certainly won't be this weekend due to forecast!
Take care