Thursday 22 May 2014

Grey't Expectations

Tuesday saw the arrival of our second cria of the year, off I toddled out in my pj's at 5.15am to check the girls over to find a gathering round a laid down Highland Rose, I knew something was going on; and boy was something going on, there was a nose and two legs sticking out!

Rose went on to have the cria laid down, she only stood up once during the whole birth, in fact she was so relaxed the cria almost dragged itself out once the shoulders were out!

It was kushed within two minutes and had been inspect by the whole herd, in fact Vitoria, the matriarch in this filed, had tried to walk off with the baby once as Rose was so chilled and contracting on passing the placenta!

She, yes its's a girl, and a grey girl (!!), a lovely rose grey girl, was born at 340 days gestation but was a little down on her pasterns, however these are already starting to lift.  She was a fantastic 10.07kg so it's probably a good job she didn't hang on to her too long as Rose isn't that big herself.

Today we have had another of the goat girls give birth to a single female kid, unfortunately she doesn't like it; so at the minute!  There's always something going on here! 

On that not I'll go and feed my bottle lambs and see if the little goat kid will take any bottle, we're not getting very far at the minute!!


Shirley said...

Great photos Debbie, a bonnie wee girl - and rose grey which is great. Hope the wee kid gets on OK. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

What a sweet face she has, looks like she couldn't wait to be out!

Good luck with the little kid.

Rosemary said...

Lovely little one!
Good luck with the kids!