Thursday 22 January 2009

A lesson for the weanlings

The morning started off so miserable I thought I'd catch up on some spreadsheets - not my favourite job!

However the sun managed to poke through this afternoon so it was outside to give the weanlings their first halter lesson. I had already worked out in my head who would be good and who wouldn't, but I didn't quite get it right.

As I expected Aodhfin and Princess Mallika where completely cooperative and didn't seem to notice that I had even put the head collar on. They are extremely laid back like their mums, Imala and Duchess respectively.

Barnaby and Lualeni soon got used to the 'strange thing' I had put on their head but to my surprise Horatio did not like it one bit. Unlike his sister Ursula last year who was a star pupil, he threw himself about and was desperate to free himself.

I didn't even get as far as putting the head collar on Sienna, regular readers will know that she is a squealer and today was no exception. I am trying to get her used to being handled without panicking before we get as far as halter work! She has a fantastic fleece so we will hope to show her if we can calm her down.

As most of the youngsters were fine with their collars I put the lead rope on everyone except Horatio who was far too upset, I'll put him on the rope next time. Barnaby and Lualeni just had the rope attached so they could see that it stopped them from moving whilst Mallika and Aodhfin were happy to take a few steps.

I didn't upset anyone too much because they all came running for their tea when I went out later!


Alpaca Granny said...

Your post makes me smile and remember our adventures. It's way to cold (for me) to be training alpacas in Michigan.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

We have a little snow here today but nothing like your the pictures on your blog!