Sunday 11 July 2010

Stamfordham Village Fair

Hughie and Loki got another trip out today, this time we'd been invited to the Stamfordham Village Fair. It's not one we've been to before but is was a lovely afternoon.

The wind was really blowing so rather than set up the gazebo for all our Barnacre produce I decided to set up shop in the trailer after I'd taken all the mats out so that they boys didn't have to sit where all those people had walked.

It worked quite well and despite it being the middle of summer and the sun shining we sold a fair bit and received numerous compliments which is always nice.

I now need to get on with replenishing the stocks as we have a two day outing to Otterbern Festival next weekend. My mum is up at the end of the week and Carol is back from her holiday so I'll get cracking the whip!

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