Wednesday 7 July 2010

Starting them young

I have been catching up with a few routine jobs round the place today which have been neglected slightly whilst we've had visitors.

The import job of poo picking was high on the list of priorities so I thought I may as well get Faith in training at an early age. Here she is 'helping'.
The only problem was if she spotted any I'd missed or hadn't got to yet she wanted to pick it up to bring it over - hopefully her mum won't read that bit!!
I think before they go home my brother will be suing me. After being spat at by LMI early in the week he got a kick this evening. We were trying to get some fleece shots of the babies, some of them are amazing already. Kazuo didn't appreciate being picked up to do this and got him good and proper where you men would rather he didn't! So that was me in trouble again.
The flies have been really bad today so the sheep and most of the alpacas have had a dose of Crovect to keep them off and to stop any incidence of fly strike.

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