Saturday 4 December 2010

Morpeth farmers market

It was an exceptionally early start for us this morning as we were off to the Morpeth Farmers Market and everyone needed feeding and watering before we headed off.

Unfortunately due the the weather we weren't able to take the boys with us, there was no way we could even get the trailer off the drive let alone try and tow it to the main road. To be honest I think the boys were pleased they got left at home, standing in a cold market place wouldn't have been much fun for them today.

Despite not having the boys to draw the attention of passers by we still had a very good day and sold lots of knitwear. I find it such a complement when people come back year after year to either add to their collection of Barnacre knitwear or by presents for others. There is no better endorsement for our products than a returning customer.

Thankfully it was slightly warmer today and we've had no fresh snow, in fact there has been a slight melt during the day. I think my three pairs of trousers and three pairs of socks was probably slightly over kill, but at least I didn't get cold.

I took a couple of orders (despite promising myself I wouldn't), I'd rang one through to my mum before we'd even packed up! I've already given Carol a list as long as your arm to work her way through and I've got two pairs of gloves that need doing. We are back in Morpeth 18th December at Sanderson Arcade so the customers are collecting them then.

Having had two glasses of wine I decided making up a pattern tonight is not a good idea so my next job is going updating the online shop instead.


Rosemary said...

Really pleased to hear you knitwear is doing so well - not surprised as you have got lovely things for sale. Also glad it is warming up a bit for you - our snow is gradually melting and I have to say this evening I was getting a bit too warm by the log burner!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow...three pairs of trousers....two glasses of wine !!...later and I think you deserve a rest !! off tomorrow....maybe !!....I gave Duke a cuddle tonight....he's not getting any more grown up !!...just a slightly bigger softie !!he he........Jayne