Sunday 5 December 2010

What's good for the goose

I seem to have done nothing all day but feed everything, clean out shelters and break ice on the troughs. No sooner had we finished the morning feed it was lunchtime for the girls and what seemed like very shortly later it was tea time.

It has been a bitterly cold but sunny day today and there has definitely been a bit of melt going on which is good. As you can see from the photo below of Golden Guinea, the snow has now pretty much melted from the trees and the fences.

No matter what the weather or where he is Golden Guinea is always remarkably clean and tidy with not a bit of fleece out of place or a speck of straw or hay on him. It's a pity some of the others don't take a leaf out of his book. Guinea is certainly the biggest poser of the Barnacre herd.
I did manage to get our on-line shop up to date again, it's a never ending job at this time of year. Paul is currently working on a new design for shop which will hopefully be more user friendly and launched next year. He keeps telling me it's a complex activity - so is knitting Paul but you like to pressure me!!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Guinea handsome....he could walk that track with his eyes closed !!.......Jayne