Saturday 30 June 2012

Little helpers

Seeing as Paul is on bottle of beer number I don't know what with an old friend, his part 2 blog will have to be another night.  So you are stuck with me again!

Great news on the cria front, Snow is now letting her little lady feed.  The cria is very down on her pasterns so as a result is quite wobbly, having a wee takes a lot of concertration!  It's quite funny, this little girl certainly has Paul wrapped round her little finger.  See is a little cutie.

The alpacas are getting quite use to little people being about so our friends two kids were enjoying feeding carrots, Demmie wasn't keen on the brown ones for some reason.  Maybe down to the fact that most if not all of our brown alpacas are exceptionally friendly.

Before our guests arrived Paul harrowed another acre of mud that needed seeding and I spread the seed.  Hopefully it will grow quick and not get washed away.

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Hilary said...

Reckon Paul has earned naming rights when the time comes! ( lL being the theme)