Wednesday 26 August 2020

Only a short one!

Hi, today it has been wet again! Not all day though, luckily. Another walk n’ talk and an adoption visit. I have fed Ashling and got some great photos of me and Endeavour.

Somehow, I have managed to read a whole book today and a whole book yesterday and practised my knitting too. The books were not small either, I just could not put them down once I picked them up. One of the books that I read was about donkeys, I borrowed it of my Auntie, maybe that is why she got donkeys? I don’t understand how I could do this while doing the feed round and lots of other little jobs to help?

Every time I come up I always have the same job to check for eggs everyday. These eggs are put in the holiday cottages for guests to enjoy, these are amazing and I recommend staying in one.


I will be back tomorrow with another blog. Bye, Faith.


bob said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, Faith, and the pictures you have taken are excellent. You seem to capture the characters of the little cutie crias very well. They're adorable.

Lesley said...

Looks like you are having an amazing, and busy, time. Very interesting reading about your days. Have fun!