Saturday 5 September 2009

The end of summer

Today officially marked the end of summer for Barnacre Alpacas. All the girls are now in their winter fields, well the first of their winter fields.

You may recall we moved most of the herd last weekend but kept Oonagh and a few friends back until she had given birth. Following the safe arrival of Kealani, as she was doing so well we decided to reunite everyone and moved the stragglers down the lane.

Oonagh was not too keen on going in the trailer with her baby. We ran the girls up in the spring but with baby in toe it was easier to put them in the trailer rather than cross our neighbours two horse fields. It's only a few hundred yards down the lane and they were all fine.

There was the usual mad greeting when the girls met their friends and as one would expect Kealani received huge amounts of attention which really worried Oonagh, she kept running off with her baby but this made things worse as everyone ran after them.

Things soon settled down and normality was resumed. Lualeni was very pleased to see her big sister (Oonagh), she was clucking away to her. Unfortunately Oonagh was not so pleased to see her sister and sent her packing. Hopefully one Oonagh is settled with her baby they we become close again.

We nipped over to the collective sale at Hexham Mart this morning, we were hoping to get a sheep taxi (a small trailer for the back of the quad to move a couple of sheep or hay bales about), but they didn't have any worth bidding on. Never mid we will keep looking.

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