Monday 21 September 2009

Knitting and spitting

I have spent most of the day knitting today. I took a few special orders at the Whalton show this weekend and as the weather has not been good today I thought I'd make a start. I've already set my mum on one order; she's even taken her knitting on holiday with her!

I did a couple of spit offs this evening, both girls gave very convincing refusals. It was very encouraging as these two girls have previously not been ovulating and sat constantly. We had the vet Estrumate them both a week and a half ago and that seems to have got them cycling properly again.

Hopefully next week will be equally as convincing when it comes to pregnancy spit offs. Whilst Gianmarco's Masterpiece was in the pen I had Sienna and Lualeni with their heads through the gate desperate to have a chance. Then Star came along to see what all the excitement was about.

Paul is away so I was doing this alone which can prove difficult if Marky decides that he's not leaving until he gets his way with someone. As he had three very nice young girls (one far too young) interested he was going nowhere. Eventually I managed to manhandle him out of the pen and back to his mates.

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