Thursday, 24 September 2009

Jonathan Miles from BBC radio Newcastles visits

I said yesterday that we had visitors again today, and they arrived safely this afternoon. It was Jonathan Miles, the presenter from radio Newcastle's morning show. He came to do some recording for his show. I wont spoil it for you by telling you about the fun we had, I will let you know when it is going to be aired and you can listen to it.
Here he is interviewing Hughie!

Anyone with alpacas will tell you that they are all different and you get to know the personalities of every single one. This is very important as alpacas are great at hiding illness and problems.

This morning I was slightly worried about Oonagh, she was humming quite a bit and seemed upset about something. She regularly doesn't bother having breakfast so that didn't concern me much, but I went back to check on her about an hour later and she had calmed down and seemed fine.

When she came for her tea this evening I soon realised what was wrong. Oonagh never eats from the trough, she hates anyone anywhere near her at meal times and will only eat from your hand. As she fed from my hand it felt very odd, so I checked her mouth and she had lost her two front teeth! They were her baby teeth so not to be unexpected, however it is usually the new set that pushes them out. Oonagh's big girl teeth are only just showing above her gum so I think she is going to look gummy for a little while yet.

We seem to have had a spate of new teeth being cut at the minute, our supreme champion stud Legend is getting his new teeth at the minute too. He is actually 7 months older than Oonagh so it just shows how they vary.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

marquette has recently replaced her baby teeth....she looks completely different with her adult teeth !.... I hope that she soon feels much happier with her new took Zaninni weeks to get his !

I have named the new baby Zanzibah Zeto !....would you expect any-thing else !.....Jayne

Lucy said...

LOL. The guy looks terrified!!!