Monday 15 March 2010

Cambo Womens Insistute

It has been a dull day today and rather windy so I have been doing inside jobs. I have sewn in a number of garment labels and printed off labels for the latest batch of knitwear.

Next job was updating the husbandry records with all of yesterdays vaccinations and toe nail trimmings. I keep very precise records of anything and everything that is done and any changes in everything.

I am pleased to say that Mary's baldness is looking slightly better following her homeopathy tablets recommended by Jayne at Zanzibah. There looks like there are some very fine black hairs beginning to appear. Hopefully given a few more weeks she will be back to a fully fleeced alpaca - just in time for shearing!

This evening I have been doing a talk at the local WI group, which is a first for me. I usually like Paul to do the public speaking bit, I'm more an animal person. I find talking to and caring for the animals much easier. The ladies were all very nice and seemed interested in what I had to say so it wasn't so bad. They put on a nice little spread afterwards too.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said... hear...I've been waiting...for the news...I have been quietly confident, that the homeopathy would work...I knew it would...if you had the success I did with it !.....Im a firm believer in it...and it really does work !...but you have to use see.....Jayne