Monday 1 March 2010

Normal Service resumed

My parents have returned home today following their animal sitting duties which I know they both enjoy - the animals enjoy it too as they always get spoilt. Even the animals know what a soft touch my mum is!

Paul is away in London so I don't have to fight my way on to the computer or listen to him complaining that I've not blogged yet. He usually starts reminding me if I've not done it by 10pm.

I've had one of those days where you are on the go all day but achieve not a lot. I did nip over to see friends Carol and Dave to hear all about their holiday and pick up Carol's latest batch of knitting that I will get washed, labelled and on the website real soon.

I was able to tell them all about my new purchase; no I wasn't as lucky as Barbara at Beckbrow I don't have a new alpaca, but I do have a new spinning wheel and drum carder.

I bought them from a very nice lady Shiela Dixon from and picked them up on the way home yesterday, that was our little detour. After the spinning seminar at the Futurity I can't wait to get spinning again. I am knitting myself a shrug in Hughie's yarn at the moment which I need for a wedding the weekend after next so it will have to wait a few nights yet though!

We have had sunshine all day today so the fields have dried slightly, hopefully with the same thing forecast for tomorrow it will be dry enough for me to get out with the quad and muck truck. I figured it would do more harm than good today as it was so wet.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

'Shrug' Debbie, please translate - is it a north-eastern term, or something only a lady would understand?

Unknown said...

I am sure that you will produce something lovely with your new purchases Debbie long before I get something (hopefully lovely) from mine :))

Happy spinning!