Thursday, 23 May 2013

I am alive

I've been promising myself that I would find the time to blog ever since we sheared at the weekend, but here we are again at 11pm on Thursday and I still haven't done it.

So I thought the least I could do would be to share a few of the photographs

First up we have Olly who came back for shearing, he is now owned by Pat & Eric.

Olly and his mates Leonidas and Seymour weren't the only boys to come home, so did Jeannine and Craigs, from left to right we have Brinley, Spadicious, Portamento, Cazanova and Jam-Packed.

I couldn't resist a Minimus shot

And just to prove that we do actually have some white alpacas here's Snow mid shear!  This photo was taken by professional photographer Sarah Loveland there are lots more I will share at a later date!

Here's our fleece stash of over 200 kg!

Next up was the turn of the goaties, James was giving me a bit of a lesson as the last one I did took ages and I think I wasted all the fleece!



Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Welcome back ;-) !
Your spinning wheeel is going to be busy now!
Have you spotted Joy on Twitter?

Unknown said...

Happy skirting!!

Hope the weather improves soon...bit chilly to be naked although it does make mating a bit easier!

Shirley said...

The bag contents will keep you busy for a while Debbie! Enjoy the better weather. Shirley & Robbie