Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lots of cuteness!!

I had all the intension of blogging last night with lots of baby photo's as I'd managed to get some nice sunny shots in between lambing duties.

However the day turned out to be one of assisted birth after assisted birth, all of which were single tup lambs incidentally.  There were a couple of well and truly stuck ones including one of the little Shetland girls who had a lovely brown tup lamb stuck which was sadly dead, despite me giving it the kiss of life (not a pleasant taste but worth a try)! 

One of the blackie lambs I ended up lambing with a leg back because I just couldn't move it, but both mum and lamb were none the worse for their ordeal.  The others including Ruby's (pet Texel sheep) lamb which looks about a month old already are doing well.

The twin goat kids have gone from strength to strength and have been out in the sunshine.



Last night they were joined by another set of twins, this time billys.  It was all a bit traumatic again, I nipped out just after 10 to make sure all was well in the shed and I found goatie Willow pushing so I ran back inside for my hat and coat as it was freezing.

To cut a very long, cold and tiring story short, just like the last set of twins they were very weak and slow but I finally managed to get to bed just after two for a hour before I was back up to check on them and put them on mum.

Finally this evening the second boy managed to get the hang on what to do and is now feeding from mum without any interference from me.  Aren't they all sweet!

Back on the subject of alpacas, the new girls are settling in well, Elysian was quite vocal initially but she has settled down now which is good and they are certainly enjoying the view.

As is Sunburst!  He will have a date with both girls in due course; patience is a virtue Mr!
By the way Barbara it was Appletrees who bought the girls up and they were good, lovely couple and the girls got star treatment!


Unknown said...

Thanks Debbie. The girls are looking great. Lucky Sunburst!

Kids VERY cute!!!

Shirley said...

Certainly cute looking. Not a lot of time for sleep these days eh? Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Well done! Big lambs in the wrong position are not easy. Are yours all lambing outside or are they in that lovely barn?

Andrew said...

How cute is Angel - a kind of goatadoodle ?