Monday 29 April 2013

Exciting arrivals

Today has been a great day for special arrivals, this morning, shortly before 5am my first Shetland gave birth to a lovely pair of dark brown twin girls, they are the cuties things ever.  Sadly one of them didn't make it but the other is a lovely healthy little girl with a huge pair of lungs.

Then this afternoon we had another very special delivery, which came in the biggest waggon ever to make it up our little track! 

 When I saw the size of it I did phone down to say there was nowhere to turn round and there were a couple of sharp bends, but Bruce was confident he could make it safely, and so he did!

Inside were our two grey girls that we bought whilst at the Futurity, Elysian and Strawberry Hill.  They are fab and soon settled in to watching the numerous chickens who came to introduce themselves.
Both girls are from Nyetimber, who I see did very well at the Heart of England last weekend.  We are very excited about them and what they will produce for us, and I'm sure our Champion Grey Sunburst will be equally as excited when he casts his eyes on them!
Oh and I nearly forgot, happy birthday Paul!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Happy Birthday Paul... its been an exciting day .... Great that Bruce managed to deliver your special delivery ..... safe and sound .... its been a while since he visited me up here, that lorry is huge !! the new girls look lovely ! .... Jayne

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Paul...lovely presents!

Who did the delivery for you Debbie?

Bev said...

You could call that lovely little brown girl Paula, or Polly, as she shares a birthday with Paul.. happy birthday Paul.