Monday, 8 April 2013

Goats are getting close.

After two sunny days and the hope that Spring was finally on the way I woke to a covering of snow this morning - not amused.

I can't believe how cold it is again, at the rate we are going it is going to be some time before there is any grass growing here.  The animals could really do with some nice Spring grass in their bellies.

Whilst on the subject of bellies I snapped a picture of Nutmeg, one of our angora goats today.  She is heavily pregnant and looking rather huge!!

The goats are due to start kidding any time after the 18th but looking at Nutmeg she'll be lucky to hang on that long.  I've never had goats before so this is a new experience for me, but I'm expecting that they'll be like the sheep.

Nutmeg already had a bag of milk and can't be bothered to do much, not that any of the goats have been venturing far lately, the slightest sign of wet weather and they'd rather share an inch square than go outside!!

If you look closely in the neighbouring pen you will see our little Shetland tup Galaxy, he has a fantastically fine fleece and has babies due from the end of next week also - busy, or should I say even busier times ahead!


Rosemary said...

Looking forward to photos of the kids - very exciting!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like the Maternity suite will be up and running soon....heres hoping for some Spring sunshine .... soon .... Jayne