Saturday 27 April 2013

Like buses & meet Jedward

I really really wanted to blog last night but it was one of those days, which turned into one of those evenings.

Mid morning when mum and I popped in for a cup of tea, having checked the goats on the way in, mum went out to tea dad I'd made him a coffee then came banging and shouting at the window 'she's had twins'! 

I went flying out the house, bare foot and ran across the yard.  In all the excitement it took me a couple of minutes to realise it wasn't actually Nutmeg it was Wren (who was about a third the size of Nutmeg) that has actually given birth.

Meet Wren, April (left) and Angel (right).

These girls are showing all the signs of prematurity and to be honest I was very worried about them, but after a phone call to the vets and lots of advice for fellow goatie people on Twitter the girls are getting stronger.
Angel who resembled splat the cat sprawled out is getting stronger and can get about a bit, she now only has one very weak leg so I'm hopeful we'll get there with her.
I soon realised that Whisper was also showing signs of labour and mid afternoon after a lot of noise out popped a billy kid.  He is much stronger and bigger than the girls and I've named him Ardent.

Then on my last sheep round before picking Paul up from the airport there was a ewe out in the field lambing with a very stuck lamb.  After trying to catch her single handed I called mum for back up; safely caught and lamb delivered she was back to the shed for the night to make sure she bonded with her huge tup lamb.  Only to find Mia, my pet sheep had escaped and was helping herself to the haylage!
Eventually I got away (rather late) to pick Paul up and left my poor mum with a rather long job list which she was still working her way through on our return.
Today was another big day, we were delivering Seymour, Leonidas and Olly-Impic to their new home with Pat & Eric, who were obviously very excited.
After a bit of gentle persuasion the boys were soon off exploring.

And came across Jedward!!!

I did manage to say bye, and didn't let anyone see the tear (I said bye to them alone yesterday), but they'll be back for shearing next month and they aren't far away so I'll be visiting; visitation rights are a must!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely to see the kids arriving, now you've started there will be no stopping you now .....Jayne

Unknown said...

After all the waiting, they all arrive and Paul is the one left waiting!

Miriam said...

Tears in my eyes just reading the blog Debbie! Congratulations on the new arrivals and it goes without saying the departing boys have had the very best start to life! Looking forward to the rest of the new arrivals soon - hopefully!

Rosemary said...

Busy day!
The kids look lovely!