Thursday, 25 April 2013

One out, all out

No I'm not talking goats, there is no change in that department.  At this rate Nutmegs milk will have gone off by the time she births!

With the temperatures warming and the grass starting to turn green if nothing else, I've finally decided that the girls should stay out over night.  I've been a real softie with them and kept putting it off and letting them come into the barn at night as they've been queuing up at the gate.

Last night they weren't so bothered so I thought unless it was raining tonight they would stay out, so they've all stayed out and seemed fine when I went out to check them with my torch!!

I thought after yesterdays shot from the sheep field you might like to get some idea of scale of the place, this photo was taken at the weekend from the Elsdon hill.

 The alpacas have one half of the bottom 100 acres and the sheep the other and the sheep get the top too.  If you click it should enlarge!  Here's a close up of the alpaca section.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like a ranch from that view !! I've brought the girls and babies in tonight, as there is hardly any grass ...hope it warms up soon before the babies arrive ... Jayne

Shirley said...

Epic view - terrific! Shirley & Robbie