Sunday 14 April 2013

Busy but no babies

I know I've been useless at trying to find the time to blog lately, but better late than never!

As always things have been busy here, Thursday we had visitors, Jan and April from Castleside Alpacas came so say hello and April wanted to meet the goats.  Unfortunately Nutmeg didn't, and still hasn't had her kids yet so there were no kids to see.  It's got to be next week; surely.

Lily was grateful of visitors, she always manages to steal the show, this time she managed to get April to feed her nice warm speedibeet from the bucket rather than having to share the troughs!

Saturday we had more visitors, Pat and Eric who take delivery of three boys very shortly wanted to come and learn how to give injections as we had some lambivac injections to give some of the pregnant girls and some boosters for others.
Eric got the stabbing jobs and Pat kept him right with the dose and clean needles.  Thanks for your help both of you and your boys say hello.
Saturday afternoon we were fencing ready for the arrival of the new grey girls, we run a strict quarantine regime here so we wanted another couple of paddocks ready.
Whilst Paul was doing a spot of harrowing I've been stapling the netting on.  Umm I get the manual jobs whilst Paul drives round on the quad!!
Then after the football, which I'm sure Jan and Phil would rather forget we went over to show them how to microchip and we were treated to a yummy quiche for tea.  Thank you!

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Unknown said...

Hope Lily doesn't feel put out with all the new grey arrivals. Although it looks like she has her place at the top firmly established. Makes quarantine easier when you buy in twos...must remind my Paul!!