Sunday, 7 April 2013

NWAG show

Yesterday was a very long day, we were over at Carlisle for the first ever NWAG show and we needed to be there before 8.  Before I could leave the farm I had all the animals to check, feed and water.  Anyone who knows Paul will know he's not a morning person so there was no point expecting or even hoping for any help from him when my alarm went off at 3.55am.  Thankfully mum was here so got up with me.
We had a lovely day catching up with friends and showing 4 of our female alpacas.  The show was well organised and the NWAG team should be very proud of their achievements, having organised shows in the past I know how much hard work goes in to making a show happen.
Three of our girls were juniors, (from the back) Gypsy, Lily and Ankhesenamun.  Lily was our first to go into the ring, she was a little star and certainly caught the eye of the judge Tim Hey.  She won 1st place, unfortunately there wasn't a grey female championship sash so she didn't get the opportunity to be a grey champion, but we'll happily take the 1st place for now!
Next up was the brown girls, Gypsy and Ankha.  Now Gypsy  has been a bit of a nightmare to halter train, in fact she has been on intensive twice daily training for well over a week to try and sort her out. I was rather worried about her making a show of herself, but seeing as both brown girls were in the same class I opted to take Ankha and let Paul have Gypsy.
Now at this point I will let Stuart (who incidentally was complaining earlier that I went to bed without blogging last night) take over the blog...

Two more rosette's, a second and a third; well done girls.

Our fourth and final entry was Meketaten, Ankha's full sister.  She's a pro in the show ring so just strut her stuff round the ring looking like she owned it!  Meketaten was awarded second place brown adult female.  Tim said it was hard to split one and two and it came down to fleece length, not that there was much in that either.  As the girl who came first was only just an adult on her second fleece and Meketaten is on her third it wasn't really a surprise.
All in all, four entries and four rosettes in a show with over 170 entries we're not complaining.
Finally I'd just like to than Jennifer at the Border Mill for the photo's and Stuart at Velvet Hall Alpacas for the photos and captions and I'm now off to bed! 


Unknown said...

Congrats Debbie great to see you both. Many thanks Paul for the long stint on the microphone.

Shirley said...

Somebody else having a busy weekend then! Well done on your successes - including getting Paul out of bed! Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

. . and after an early start!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glad you got some reward for that horribly early start! (Incidentally, my blog is now accessed through the web-site Latest News - hope you can re-subscribe)