Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Firstly a goat update - nothing!!  Absolutely nothing from Nutmeg yet, I've decided goats are as bad as alpacas for keeping their legs crossed.  How on earth Nutmeg is keeping things in is beyond me, things are so loose at the back end and her teats are so full of milk you'd think things would be falling out from both places!

Lambing is continuing to be slow, this morning we had a pair of tup lambs born, thankfully I was on hand to see as the second lamb was breach.  Had I not have been there I very much doubt he would have made it.

As it is both boys are up and about and exploring with mum, this ewe likes her food so the boys had to run to keep up at tea time.

The ewe lamb born on Friday is growing well, she's enjoying having a run and jump now and seems pleased to have a few playmates.

Whilst I was watching the twins being born earlier I took a long range shot of the weanlings field, I wonder if any of the new owners can spot their boys or girls?!


Unknown said...

Lovely photos Debbie, though it is hard to believe that they were taken late April!

Rosemary said...

Lambing is also incredibly slow going here!