Monday 22 April 2013

It's a girl thing

I'm in trouble again from Paul for not blogging for almost a week, he thinks I spend all day sat on my deckchair and all night on the phone to my mum.  I'm saying nothing!

Despite planning to get the goat kidding underway before lambing started the goats have other ideas, Nutmeg, who has been the size of a house for two weeks now still has her legs crossed.
And when a girl has an itch nothing is going to get in her way....

Spring arrived along with the swallows at the weekend, but it's back to cold and damp today!

We have now started lambing and so far it's been girls all round, hopefully the goats and alpacas will carry on in the same way, well sex wise anyway.  I'm hoping the circumstances will be different as there have been issues with all three births. 
This morning ewe and her ewe lamb are in the shed, mum has hardly any milk, the lamb is tiny and has a very weak knee joint (which in now in a splint).



Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Yes, come on Debbie, keep up - if WE don't know what's going on, how will Paul know?

Bev said...

Poor Nutmeg, looks like she's got a baby elephant in there..