Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Grey day

It was back to dull and damp again today so there wasn't much interest in going out this morning, I'm talking alpacas here not me!  I don't have much choice.
There has been no development on the goat front, Nutmeg is still looking fit to burst and very uncomfortable, but no kids yet.  We have visitors tomorrow hoping to see goat kids but I'm  not sure that Nutmeg is going to deliver!
On the subject of delivering, we had a delivery of feed this morning, and Lily was doing lots of posing.  She was gaining lots of admirers at the show at the weekend (where she won her class), here we are in the ring.  Thanks to Rebecca Kingwell at Anzac for the photo, Lily is looking much better than me it has to be said!
The greys are always the first ones to catch peoples eyes, both in the field and with our knitwear.

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