Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sunburst gets National sucess

Lambing and kidding is almost over for another year, but is still underway so we have been unable to attend the National Show in person, we have however entered Sunburst's fleece into the fleece show.

Sunburst had a fantastic result, not only did he win the adult grey class he also won the adult champion (with eighty odd points)!!!!  Yes a grey won the adult champion, anyone who knows anything about shows knows that in the main age championships are won by the whites or light fawns so for a grey to win is fabulous, and for it to be our grey you can imagine how proud we are.

To celebrate his success we decided to offer him his first lady!  The lucky lady was Carol, a head strong fawn girl, who soon succumbed to his good looks and manly charm.

Sunburst is unbeaten in the show ring, both halter and fleece. He was champion grey at the Westmorland Halter Show, Champion Grey at the Futurity and now Adult Champion at the National.  He already has a number of lucky ladies for whom is acquaintance is booked  For further details of Sunburst and his stats check out his stud page.

On the goat front I'm pleased to report that Nutmeg is proving to be a fantastic mum and is looking after all three of her kids.  Wall flower is the only one left to go.

The last of the Shetlands birthed yesterday, she has had a tiny, and I mean tiny little lamb.  I've named her pip squeak, who is currently living in front of the Aga.  just to give you some idea of her size I've put the egg timer next to her for comparison


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Pip Squeak looks tiny ! Hope she continues to do well, the Aga sounds just the right place for a snooze...especially as its still cold. Sunburst sounds like he might need a bigger black book for all those appointments .... Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Congratulations for success with a well-travelled fleece! don't let that bee on Jaynes blog see your tiny lamb!

Bev said...

Congratulations on Sunburst's success, what an achievement, and at the National too. Good luck with little Pip

Nadine said...

Alpaca matings are intriguing! I was astounded at how the male woos his lady!