Sunday, 15 September 2013

Alpaca walk and talk and sheepies

I can't believe another weekend is over, I really don't know where the time goes.  It's been another busy one; yesterday as well as the usual farm chores we had a lovely walk and talk visitor by the name of Jane.  She had seen us at the Berwick Food Festival last weekend and wanted to come and meet the alpacas.

She clearly had a great couple of hours as we received a lovely email from her today saying...

"Thank you both so much for a great afternoon with your lovely alpacas. They were even more lovely than I thought they would be. You are both a mine of information too! I will be back to do the same again soon."

We started walking Liberty, ultra friendly and very chatty...

And finished with Minimus, ultra chilled and positively horizontal!
I think the last bit of her visit will be a highlight, feeding Asher.  Thankfully he has really taken to his bottle and is happy to take it from anyone which is always good.

Today has been a sheep day; weaning, shedding, vaccinating, moving and being hit in the face by one of the blackie tups - not ideal when they have rather large horns!  At least everyone is now where they need to be without any major issues.
I've got to say having worked with them all today I do love my shetlands; even the naughty ewe who didn't want to come in with everyone else.  My pet texel and texel Jacob cross ones are also very funny; that just leaves the blackies and the less said about them the better!!

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