Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sheep racing at Whalton Show

Saturday saw the return of our annual sheep racing at Whalton Show.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for years may recall we were roped into entering a team into the first ever Whalton sheep race four years ago.

There are four teams of four sheep and the winner from each goes into the gold cup final.  Well we won the finals in the first two years races, in fact year one we had all four runners in the final!  Last year the young farmer of Ponteland were invited along and stole my crown, we came second and third in the final.

This year I was determined to regain the crown.  First our for me was the only boy in the team, spotty lugs.  What a disaster, he promptly turned 180 degrees from the starting pen and ran back to his mates in the holding pen - not a good start.

Next out, the inaugural champion Mocha, Mocha is now over 9 years old and had no teeth, but she's fast!  Things were back on track, first by a mile; I think I got a little excited - thankfully nobody has shown me any photos!

Third out was Mia, the 2011 champion; friendliest, greediest and wonkiest legged sheep ever.  Nothing stood in her way, with me screaming at the finish line we had another winner.  By this point Dick Thompson, vet and owner of the Corridge Crusaders team was starting to get a little disgruntled after three second places.

I didn't think my fourth and final girl stood much chance despite being Mia's daughter she is not as responsive to my voice, however like her mum she is greedy and the other sheep were all being encouraged by a bucket.......

Wahoooo she won!!!

Three in the final and you guessed it, a Barnacre one, two, three!!!  I'm happy again to regain the crown.

As well as the sheep we had alpacas at the show which always prove popular, as was our knitwear.  At this rate we will have very limited stock left for Christmas.


Shirley said...

Racing sheep eh?- Don't know what the crofters in this 'neck of the woods' would think about that! Shirley & Robbie

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Ha, the image of you screaming at the finishing line...or out on the hills calling Paul to heel!