Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Who's been eating my tea?

Yesterday we had a number of Swedish visitors who were keen to see how we farmed alpacas on a hill farm and see what they could learn from us to take back to Sweden.  They were a lovely bunch of people and we soon managed to talk the whole afternoon away!

Anyone who own alpacas will know just how easy it is to talk away a few hours without even realising it.  Hopefully we gave them a lot to think about and we will be able to help and inspire them in the future.

Today was a day of routine jobs, nothing fancy just to usually day to day jobs, feeding, cleaning paddocks, antibiotics and I even managed to fit in finishing off the mans hat I was knitting ready to wash tomorrow so it will be labelled ready to go with us to Berwick at the weekend.

I did take the camera out with me, I got a new one for my birthday so these should be the last one from the old camera, hopefully the new one will be better. 

This little man is a real little character, he is from Layla & Sandstorm and is full of life and mischief.  I have called him Kamenwati, meaning Dark Rebel, note I say I - Paul hasn't either agreed or disagreed so it's now in black and white so he's officially named!

Talking of characters, here's another one, one of the pesky goat kids who think they are entitled to roam where they want and pinch alpaca food if they so desire!  Asher and Isla (who looks like she need bigger pj's tomorrow night) are not too sure that he should be there.

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Low Park said...

So naughty those little goats and so adorable all at the same time!