Wednesday 4 June 2014

Text book births; not!

With the lovely sunny warm weather the paddling pools have proved popular, so much so Amata doesn't like to think anyone else can use them; here she is pushing poor Lucetta at the back out!  Amata is now on 359 days and showing no signs of wanting to part with her first ever cria.

Nefertiti on the other hand didn't want to wait until her due date and on Monday gave birth to a lovely light brown boy.  

He is just adorable and full of mischief just like his sisters Meketaten and Ankha.  As you an see mum and big sister Ankha are having to chase after him, Meketaten only has a couple of weeks to go before she has her first cria so she had other things on her mind!

On Monday afternoon Midnight Star went into labour, it was quite remarkable, at one point the whole head came out and went back in again.  I'e never seen anything like it, I sent Paul back to the barn for th birthing box as the head was upside, when h got back it had gone!

It did come back out shortly after but with only one leg, the cria was obviously trying to get itself in the right position, the head was still upside down.  With no progress being made I decided I needed to investigate, there was one leg (the one sticking out to the side) was well and truly back, there was no way she would have righted that.

Once I found the leg and got the cria presented right I left her to it and she delivered a lovely light fawn girl.

Tonight, just after 10pm Little Miss Irraquoy decided it would be a good idea to have her rather overdue cria.  She had her first cria, Sandstorm, five years ago in the evening, and as with all her other babies she had him lying down.

He is still wet and currently looking for the milk bar, I'm keeping an eye on the CCTV.  We are shearing tomorrow so at least they were all in the sheds or I'd currently be sat in the field!!

So that's now 7 births and less than half have followed the rules in the text book, so please girls can the rest of you read the books before you go into labour; please!


Rosemary said...

Nefertiti is lovely - and that picture of the paddling pool is great - what is it? (I would like to get one for mine!).
Hope the rest of the births are easier.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Birthing pool next? Hope you get some eay ones now.

Unknown said...

All lovely but Nefetiti's boy looks especially edible!

Andrew said...

Great blog Debbie and wonderful pictures. Love the little curly brown boy