Sunday, 8 June 2014

Three in a row

The birthing paddock has had a couple of busy days with the overdue girls getting on with things.  First off the mark was Chacha, who produced a lovely brown girl from Darwin before breakfast.  She is the full sister to Silhouette born last year.

We have decided to call her Cacace after the dancer Flavia Cacace seeing as she is from Chacha and Flavia is preforming up here this week.  Hopefully she will soon be as graceful as Flavia, she seems all leg at the minute. 

Next up was Kealani who sneaked out her daughter straight after breakfast.  She came over for breakfast giving nothing away and by the time we came down from feeding the boys she was out and just getting herself into the kushed position!

Then the weather turned, we had torrential rain from lunchtime until about 9pm so the girls and their babies came back into the barn for the night.  With the sun shining this morning though they were soon back out to get some sun on their backs.

Then today was the turn of Angelica, it's actually her third birthday and she chose to share it with her new daughter!  This afternoon she gave birth to a tiny (in comparison to the other cria so far this year) 5.5kg little fawn girl.  This wasn't the colour I was expecting, she was mating to Gianmarco, our very fine white boy.  He seems very good at producing very nice lights and fawns.

She has a bit of a clicky hip so I will get the vet to check her over tomorrow, it doesn't seem to bother her, she is up and about and feeding nicely.

That is now all the births up to date, the next two are due on Wednesday so we will see if they are keeping a diary!!


Unknown said...

Wow the girls are doing a lot better this year ...congratulations a lovely selection of female additions .

Shirley said...

You've been busy on the birthing front. Lovely photos. Shirley & Robbie