Sunday 22 June 2014

A kick in the teeth

Sadly after my great news blog last week,  Isadora's baby, Mireya, took a sudden turn for the worse and despite being rushed to the vets sadly she died a short while later.  Having done so well it was horrific to see her go down hill so fast for no apparent reason and loose her fight for life.  We are awaiting the full postmortem results to see what happened.  

At times like that I really do wonder where I find the strength to carry on, but then sitting in the field with tears streaming down my face someone, in this case Selkis and Ankha, came along to offer kisses and you remember why you put yourself through the heartache.

We are awaiting our next new arrival, although I've got to be honest I'm quite pleased the girls are keeping their legs crossed, I don't want anymore early babies!  There are a few reaching their own personal due dates now.

Lucia here is on 328 days tomorrow and is waddling well, however she has no milk yet so could be a little while yet.

Oonagh on the other hand has bags of milk as well as being the size of a house.  She's on 329 tomorrow but usually likes her babies well in to the 340's, in fact she went to 360 last year, that won't be happening this year.

Whilst Oonagh baby likes pushing out her sides, sister Lualeni's likes pushing under her tail.  She's on 330 tomorrow.

Marne and Lucetta are also on 328 days tomorrow and both have milk so we could have another rush on any day!


Unknown said...

Very sorry to hear about Mireya, especially after her improvement. It sure does put us through it when we have such loses, enjoy the kisses from the herd.

Hoping the rest of the birthing season is stress free x

Judi B said...

I mirror Barbara's sentiments, especially re-herd kisses. Certain animals really pick up when we are sad after a loss like this. Big hugs from over here.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

So sorry to read your news. Makes you realise just how fragile life is. Nice to see that the herd are behind you at this sad time. Hopefully the nicer times will be just round the corner. Jayne

Rosemary said...

I am so sorry - always seems worse to me when there has been improvement.
Every best wish

Andrew said...

Sorry to hear your bad news. There is something with Alpacas when they sence you are sad. Good times ahead !

Unknown said...

so sorry Debbie