Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Happier times

Since my last blog I'm pleased to say things have improved.

We were at Woolfest over in Cockermouth on Friday and Saturday with the Border Mill stand which is the first time I've been as a stall holder, I'm usually the other side of the counter, but Paul kept me wedged in to make sure I didn't spend too much.  I did manage to reserve myself a few new four legged friends, but more on that another night!!

Friday Jan and April from Castleside Alpacas  had kindly agreed to farm sit, thankfully everyone behaved and Jan managed to get a kiss from Murphy; he's going to make someone a lovely pet!

On Saturday farm sitting duties were left in the capable hands of Gill, Ross & Taylor.  I was sort of hoping that Gill would get to see a birth as she's never actually managed to see a text book delivery yet!

Unfortunately they were met at the gate by a convoy of Northern Power Grid vehicles; long story and one that is making us rather angry so I will refrain from getting on my soapbox, but if you follow me on twitter @BarnacreAlpacas you will have got the gist of things!

Anyway dealing with them meant that she missed Lualeni giving birth to a lovely fawn female by just minutes!!  Text book and fantastic, Gill was loving it anyway.  Meet Pandora, not a great photo, I must get one tomorrow.

Then Sunday, whilst we were recovering from a manic few days, trying to catch up on farm jobs and taking delivery of two wagons full of hay (our top quality lowland supply that we buy in) Oonagh fired out her cria.  It has to be one of the fastest nose to fully in control kushed position births I've ever seen at 8 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics will wait with anticipation about the four legged friend you mentioned! J

Miriam said...

Love your blogs especially at this time of year with all of your new arrivals. Looking forward to hearing about the recently purchased four legged friends! x

Shirley said...

Pleased that everything is going well again Debbie. Lovely photos. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

If it's those Blue Faced Dartmoors, then I am very envious!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good news that you have good news.

Anonymous said...

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