Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hay time!

So much for frequent blogging, another week has past!

We've been busy as always, baby's, inside and outside matings, visitors, Glendale Festival, hospital to name but a few of the activities we've been up to.

The girls are enjoying their big field with lots of grass.  The footpaths Paul cut them are the main routs however they are loving laying in the long grass to stay cool it the stifling heat.

Last Saturday we had a lovely blue black boy born to Andromeda, he was only small but full of life and has kept mum on her toes from the minute he found his legs.  W'e named him Nelson as he was born the day after what would have been Nelson Mandela's 96th birthday.

He actually arrived just before walk and talk visitors were due to arrive.  They might have missed the actual birth but they had a fabulous walk with Jack and Stargazer and got to see the little man finding his feet.  

On Monday our hay was cut, we had been starting to get paranoid about it not getting cut.  Our neighbour does it for us and has always timed it perfectly so I don't know why we worry but we do. 

Yesterday he arrived with his flicky flicky machine and it has all been turned.

There actually looked a fair bit there when he was flicking it, so we are hoping for a few more bales this year.  It's had more muck than ever before, been limed and I over sewed one corning which was looking a bit bare so we will have to see.  The decision has been made to get it reseeded for next year if the number of bales goes backwards.

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