Saturday 12 July 2014

Popping out & paddling pool popularity

Bang on her due day Lucetta gave birth to our only Loki cria of the year, and what a little sweetie.  Almost immediately after breakfast out squeezed a nose.

Lucetta had decided that standing on top of the mound would be a good idea, so I was keeping a lose eye as it could have added an extra two or three foot to the babies arrival fall!

Once the neck and legs were out and the baby started making a noise first time mum Lucetta was very keen to investigate, which meant lots of circling and thankfully a move to lower ground.

Nothing like a quite birthing spot here, everyone is always keen to get in on the action!

Precisely 23 minutes from the nose merging there was an almighty splat, and she had arrived into the Barnacre world.

Murphy had to be first to get in there and introduce himself and whisper a few sweet nothings into her ear; he's a real little charmer.

There was lots of nose dives; it's hard learning to stand on a slope!

But she got there and was straight to the milk bar.

She has a lovely silky soft fleece, so w're looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Yesterday was so hot we had 8 paddling pools out which proved very popular, except with the girls here for on farm matings who clearly thought I was mad for putting some bright yellow thing in their field then filling it with water! 

We even had a baby pool; no prizes for guessing who this little man is from; yes you guessed it, Amata! 

He soon had a playmate. 

But it was far too hot and exhausting to play!


Unknown said...

Great photo blog Debbie.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

This blog sums up some of the pleasures of breeding alpacas.

Shirley said...

Love seeing them in the paddling pools. We know what it's like with just 8 alpacas in the pools, can't imagine the jamboree with your numbers Debbie! Shirley & Robbie

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, our 7 now have another large trough from QPS. as well as their paddling pool! Jeannine