Tuesday, 15 July 2014

One of the boys

There's been no new cria since my last blog, but lots still going on, including matings and spit offs.  As well as a Gianmarco mating at home today two girls went over to Beckbrow to see Explorer, mind you Irraquoy was nearly left at home as she didn't want to come down the hill this morning.  

Walking past the boys just wasn't happening, but after resorting to the sheep taxi we got her into the trailer!  Then after her mating to Explorer she clearly didn't think 10 minutes was enough and refused to stand and go back into the trailer!  Funnily enough when she got back home she couldn't wait to walk back up the channel.

All the cria are growing nicely, we have 19, 10 girls and 9 boys, although Eris is doing a job job of being a tomboy to level things off 9.5/9.5, this was her playing with all boys as usual!!

Anyone who follows us on twitter will know we have had a bit of a saga with our electricity and have been on a generator for a couple of weeks.  Well on Saturday at last the noisy, smelly generator was set to be switched off and leave.  We it left alright, unfortunately they also tried to take some of our nice new fence with it! 

 The company who will remain nameless have been useless from start to finish, showing no consideration, customer service skills or common decency so I suppose it should really have come as no surprise that they didn't even have the courtesy to come and tell us they'd done it! 

Not happy with trashing the fence yesterday the helicopter coming to check the power lines (I'm guessing) decided it would be nice to take a little detour to look at the alpacas. I don't mind but was it really necessary to circle about 20/30 feet above a field full of babies and pregnant girls!

It looks like it wiped out Coco and her daughter Wonder!


Shirley said...

Nothing worse than bad contractors that's for sure Debbie! Looks like the cria are all growing nicely. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that LMI behaved on her return :)

No wonder we are a nation of grumps...does no one provide a decent service anymore...grrrh