Monday, 28 July 2014

Make hay whilst the sun shines

Well yesterday saw our hay rowed up and baled, we got 19 of them which is fantastic, the most ever so we are very pleased.

Once they have sat for a few days they will be stacked along with the other 70 odd we have ready for the winter.  With as many mouths to feed as we have we get through a fair bit of hay over the winter months.

The grass is continuing to grow at a crazy rate and grass cutting seems to be the order of the day most days which is rather annoying because it means Paul has been pinching my quad so poo picking has been resorting to makings poo brick ready for the Christmas Fairs!

Not only is the grass growing but so is the thistles, however despite there prickly exterior they seem to be rather tasty with the cria.  Soxxx here was tucking into this one.

Whilst further up the field Khaleessi was loving this monster thistle!

Whilst this chunky monkey belonging to Kealani was munching away on this one! 

Delicate Pandora thinks thistles are far to prickly and prefers to carry a blade of grass round as her little trophy :-)


Shirley said...

Now that really is a lot of hay to store! It's amazing that it all goes during the course of the winter. Lovely photos too. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Gorgeous photos!
We have also, finally, got our hay made!