Saturday 25 July 2020

Not enough hours in the day so over to Faith!

There just aren't enough hours in he day to do all of the jobs on the list and my niece Faith has been complaining at me for months that I haven't written a blog.  I tend to tweet and Instagram frequently so didn't think blogging was so important. However, during lockdown Faiths complaining has become even more frequent so last week I suggested she write the blog!!  

And here it is......

Hi, my name is Faith, I am the niece of Debbie and Paul. During lockdown, I have not been able to go up to Barnacre Alpacas and I have really missed it. So instead, I looked through the whole website looking at pictures. When I got to the blog I realised that my Auntie hadn’t done one since  May 2016, so I asked her to do one. However, she got very busy as it is the birthing season, so she asked me to do one. Here it goes…

Well, a lot has happened since 2016. A lot more babies have been born and a lot more hard work has gone into Barnacre Alpacas.  In 2017 they moved house, they can now be found at Turpin Hill Farm. Soon after moving, they built two new sheds and divided the fields and got field shelters. They have had some new arrivals, Twiggy the cat and Nellie and Niamh two rescue Donkeys as well as baby alpacas, baby goats and baby sheep. 

This year, my Uncle Paul has got some new, as my Auntie calls them, ‘boys toys’ a new tractor and all the equipment so that they can do their own hay. The tractor is a Massey Ferguson 5713, I actually got to drive it!!!  I did all the research for them too and he even bought the tractor I picked!

As I said many baby animals have been born and some have died as well. In 2019 Casper was born to Casiphia and Ida, unfortunately he was orphaned at 9 weeks old because of his mothers death. Sadly, earlier this year Loki was put to sleep because of cancer in his foot. The thing I remember most about Loki is when him and Hughie were looking after the sheep. They have already had 41 alpaca babies this year.

In October 2019, there was the Yorkshire Alpaca show, in which there is a young handlers and fancy dress competition. I entered both. I came first in the fancy dress competition with Jasper. I also came joint second in the young handers competition with Apophis . In this Barnacre Alpacas also got 2 champions, 1 reserve champion, 2 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds and 1 fourth.  

I have missed seeing the alpacas so much (seeing them on pictures and FaceTime is not the same) and I cannot wait to go up. I enjoy all the fresh air and the animals just make you feel so calm. I also want to see my favourite alpaca Hughie, I wonder weather he will recognise me as he normally know its me. When I get to go, the first thing I want to do is go for a walk around the farm to the nearest field with alpacas in and say hello.

To spend time with the amazing alpacas you could book a walk and talk or buy an adoption pack. To spend longer you could stay in one of the holiday cottages which includes a £5 discount per person for a walk and talk. For more information on this look on the other parts of the website. Personally, I would recommend going on a walk and talk because you get to walk one of the alpacas and you get to walk around the farm with a tour guide (Debbie or Paul).  Although I haven’t stayed in a cottage, I have had a nosey and they look really cosy, and did I mention that you are provided with some treats (some human, some alpaca).

For regular updates follow Barnacre Alpacas on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.