Thursday 29 April 2010

Happy birthday!

Today is Paul's birthday so after I'd done the early morning check on the girls I treated him to a bacon and duck egg sandwich on nice warm fresh bread whilst he opened his cards and presents.

Unfortunately he was off to work early so he didn't get to do anything special. We did go out for tea though this evening.

Sadly I am afraid that Pepper died early this morning so I now have two pet lambs to bottle feed. The poor little things have been yelling all day, I have shut them in the shelter for the time being until they get used to being bottle fed then hopefully they will be able to go back out with the others.

In my heart of hearts I didn't think she would make it yesterday, Pepper is never off her food and she just looked unhappy. It is so sad, she was a pet but there is no dignified send off and burial, legislation doesn't allow for that.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

PregTector playing

After a wet start the sun came out and it turned into a glorious day. I have spent the morning digging out dock leaves in the girls field. I don't like spraying unless I am really forced and now the girls have eaten their grass down they are easier to get at.

Sadly I spent all morning at it and have only made a tiny difference, but a difference no the less and I will carry on.

This afternoon Hilary from Inglefield Alpacas came round armed with a new bit of kit. She has a PregTector Doppler pregnancy detector and wanted so will volunteers to practice on as she only has a couple of pregnant girls of her own.

I'd looked into these and scanners last year but I decided that I wouldn't be able to work out the noises so decided I'd stick to the vet scans. However Hilary is a GP so is used to listening to heartbeats and the like so she had an advantage. I struggled to find my own heartbeat!!

Oonagh, being a very well behaved and easy going girls was first up. The noise was fascinating, a loud whooshing and then we heard the two heartbeats Oonagh and her cria.

We managed to hear varying degrees of whooshing on the pregnant girls so tried a couple of non pregnant girls and the difference was amazing, they were so quiet. So whilst we didn't hear foetal heart beats on all the girls it was obviously there was fluid and with no arteries in range unless the alpaca is pregnant we were happy to agree with my vet on them.

I then decided it was the turn of Imala and Geena, both were scanned at the end of last year empty, however I was sure Imala was pregnant but not so sure about Geena as she spat off all last year despite not being pregnant. Both girls spat off last weekend.

Imala had a definite whooshing but when it came to the last one up, Geena we managed the clearest foetal heartbeat of all the girls. Fantastic, it looks like Geena is pregnant too.

I'm a little worried about one of my sheep today, poor Pepper who had the prolapse is not well. She didn't come running for her breakfast this morning until I went to fetch her and then this evening she wouldn't even come when I fetched her. I even took food to her and she didn't want it.

I think she may have an infection so I have given her some antibiotics and I have noticed that she doesn't have much milk so her two lambs have had a little bottle top up this evening. Fingers crossed Pepper will be feeling a little better tomorrow.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Bouncing baby

There is not much to report today, other than this years brick collection has begun!

I was in the field watching Veruschka one of our top quality fleece girls whose baby was bounding all over the place. She was sat down and it was obviously causing her a little discomfort. Mind you I'm not surprised it looked like it was going to burst out of her side.

She is only at 301 days and usually carries for a very long time, both pregnancies have been over a year, so she still had a while to go yet. Thankfully things soon settled down.

This gave me the opportunity to make a couple of bricks, as they take ages to dry I like to get them started early!

I popped round to Carols this evening and she'd been busy knitting. There was a mans hat and some lovely ladies mittens too. I must get the shop updated now we have the new computer all set up and running - I have no excuse anymore.

Monday 26 April 2010

Just the spot

I'm sure I cleaned the girls field yesterday but it didn't look like it when I did it again today - they are obviously not going short of food. Although for the first time in two weeks they have actually eaten some hay.

I did a full sweep of all the fields whilst the muck truck was out so my dwindling pile of manure is now fully replenished.

I have notice the last few days that the big boys have a 'king pin' spot that they like to stand on, especially if there are people about. It is only a tiny mound but they run at it if they think one of the others will get there first. It usually ends up with a bit of argy bargy and Hughie or Guinea on the spot, however Loki is getting stuck in too.

Hopefully with Loki showing signs of interest in testosterone fueled games he may be up for some action with the girls this year. Unfortunately for Loki though Kate is first on the list and she may not the nicest of first encounters.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Oh deer

Paul had a 10k road race this morning over at the coast and seeing as everyone was looking fine and dandy I decided to go along to cheer him on. I'm pleased to say he did well and was 2 minutes under the time he wanted.

Whilst on the subject of exercise, Smudge (cat) really stretched her legs today and walked right across to the other side of the paddock. She doesn't usually venture much further than the back door. She is a hot house cat, so much so she used to love it in the sauna we had at the last house!

At lunchtime we had manure collectors coming. Liz with her mum and son Matthew. You may recall me passing comment about Liz coming before and surrounding her daughter in poo, well today was Matty's turn - I think her daughter thought once was enough!

Hughie loved the attention he received as usual. Paul and I did well too, Liz bought us some homemade jam and her mum had made us some lovely carrot cake which went down well with a cup of tea this afternoon (not all of it!). Thank you ladies.

This evening when I was doing my final check of the girls with the binoculars I got a bit of a surprise. They were all sat down and I was looking at Imala who has taken to sitting on her side when Mallika jumped up swiftly followed by everyone else with the exception of Willow.

As I put the binoculars down I saw two deer jump their fence into the girls next field and on to the neighbours field beyond that. I've never seen them in these two fields before, they used to go in the field at the side of the house but I've not seen them in there for a while.

Saturday 24 April 2010

Sun & spit

It has been another glorious day so I have spent most of it outside. Paul replaced the muck truck pipe so I have been busy with that. It is much better again now, the sucking power is much improved and I didn't use as much petrol either.

At the minute as fast as I am picking up the muck the gardeners are coming to collect it which is good. I've got someone coming tomorrow which may actually completely clear me out for the first time in years!!

Mary is really struggling with the heat and her additional pregnancy weight. Add to that the midges which are always attracted to her. The poor thing has spent most of the day sat down in the shade.

We did a couple of spit offs this morning, Imala and Geena were both scanned empty by the vet towards the end of last year despite both spitting off. I have been convinced that Imala is pregnant but not so sure with Geena.

Both girls spat at poor Gianmarco who thought his luck was in when I walked him across the field towards the girls. Imala looked him straight in the face and gave him what for so I am still thinking the vet was wrong. Geena also spat and tried to get away but then again she did that all last summer despite not being pregnant!

I will have to get the vet out to scan them again as they both have paid for outside mating that they are waiting for. As time was pressing on last year and I couldn't take them back I used our own boys on them, one go each and they seem to think it worked.

I also introduced Alice to the boys as she is at 11 months today and is hiding her pregnancy remarkably well. I just wanted to make sure there was still something there. She wasn't amused by Gianmarco's attention so I took him away straight away as I didn't want to stress her out.

Whilst all this was going on Lualeni, Sienna and Mallika were hanging round trying to get to the boys. I will mate all three of them next month - we're still not 100% sure who will see who yet though.

Friday 23 April 2010

Seeking shade

I have had some very hot alpacas today, Mary and Geena our black girls have been in the field shelter a fair bit seeking some shade.

Imala has a sore armpit which I have been trying to sort out over the last week or so. She had obviously scratched it on something. Because she is fully fleeced and hot despite lots of blue spray it hasn't really been drying up, it doesn't help that as soon as it starts to scab it itches and she rubs it again.

Alan my farmer friend offered some advice, in fact he gave me a different spray to try which he had had good results with on one of his beast a little while ago that had a sore having had a horn removed. I am pleased to say that it seems to be doing the trick nicely.

Imala is a very placid girl and stands well whilst I check and spray. She's not daft she knows she gets a little treat afterwards too, either carrot or apple which always go down well.

It was very pleasant cleaning the girls field today in the glorious sunshine although I have been cursing the muck truck. It just didn't seem to have as much suck as normal. I eventually found a split in the pipe which was obviously the problem.

We do have a spare pipe so I will get that changed tomorrow and finish off the job properly. Paul is at the football, but I'd much rather be picking poo!

Thursday 22 April 2010

Sun bathing

It has been another lovely day today, all the animals have enjoyed a spot of sunbathing. To be honest I think a few of the girls have been a little too hot. Mary and Willow have been sat down in the shade most of the day.

I scrubbed and refilled the girls water this morning as they are drinking a fair bit at the minute and I like to keep it clean and fresh. I hate to see fields with dirty water.

I got the weanlings old field harrowed this morning and the bits of dead grass and straw have been removed so hopefully that will recover as soon as it gets a bit of water on it, not that I really want it to rain.

As I've not shared any lamb photos with you yet I thought you might like to see some of this years additions. Here we have Pepper and her two tup lambs.Here we have Ruby and Annie.I haven't got a nice photo of Ebony's lamb yet. He is a real bruiser, although the poor little thing got pecked by the crows on Wednesday morning. Then this morning I went into the field to find exactly the same thing had happened to Pepper's white lamb. Horrible crows, maybe I should suggest to Paul he has crow pie to get rid of them - only kidding Jayne!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Home for a rest?

My parents have headed back home this afternoon after an eventful week here at Barnacre. Mum is now a fully fledged sheep midwife, I think she has gone home for a rest!

Before mum headed off we had a few jobs to get done. First on the list was to move the weanlings onto fresh grass. Kealani was putting her head under the fence into the neighbouring field so I thought I would save her the trouble.

Once they had moved their field was cleaned and is ready to be harrowed in the morning. Mum has even braved driving the new quad and today went into reverse with the muck truck on the back!!

All the lambs are doing well, it looks like Mia has passed on her roaming gene to Ruby, her first born lamb. This morning she was out of the field and in the channel and this evening when I went to feed everyone I watched her climb through the fence onto to roadside. I can see she is going to be trouble.

Spring has definitely arrived here as the swallows are back. I spotted a couple yesterday and today we are up to half a dozen swallows and two house martins.

Mary is starting to feel the strains of late pregnancy. She is at 316 days and is spending more and more time sitting down. I remember when she was carrying Horatio the year before last she spent most of the last month sat down other than feed time.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

We're back with additions

I am sure many of you will already have read the Zanzibah blog announcing Duke's arrival at the weekend, its official Duke is now Scottish.

We were heading off to Scotland early on Saturday so we could get Duke settled before bedtime, we knew it would be a 7 or 8 hour drive with all the stops to make sure Duke was ok.

When the trip was booked we purposely made it after the sheep were due to lamb and before the alpacas were due to birth so my poor mum didn't have too much to worry about. Sadly the sheep seemed to have other ideas and on Friday night not a single lamb had been born!

Ebony decided that she would lamb Saturday morning, so we hung around to make sure all was well before we left so we were later leaving than we had intended.

The drive to Jayne's went well and Duke was a good boy. To be honest he didn't complain once and just wanted a kiss each time we stopped; no food or water. That could wait until we'd arrived at our destination. Once we arrived he was soon up and eating then he introduced himself to his new mates.

Sunday morning I received a text from my mum saying that she thought Mia (my pet lamb from 2008) was going to lamb! Thankfully with numerous text and calls with mum the lambing bit went ok, mum had to break the sack of the second lamb. Mia doesn't like sheep so I was always worried she would reject her babies. She wasn't keen on the twin ewe lambs initially and mum was worried about her bleeding so I called for Alan's back up.

We got home late last night, about 11.30 to be precise so too late meet the new lambs who were still shut in to try and get them to bond. I've named the girls Ruby and Annie as it was my parents Ruby Anniversary the day they were born and they were just fine this morning so they are back in the field. In fact Mia is really good with them now.

It is a good job we were back today as Pepper decided it was her turn. We went to check on her this afternoon and there was a head poking out of the side of the prolapse harness she had on! No legs, just a head. Pepper decided that she was going to run across the field with this poor head bouncing all over the place. My mum thought the lamb was dead.

When I finally managed to grab Pepper I had to push the lamb back in slightly to reposition the legs which were well and truly back, once I'd sorted them out and with a little help the first boy, a black one was born. The second white boy soon followed still in his sack so I had to break that too.

I've never had lambs born in their sack before and this year there has been two. I now have all five of my lambs born so the next arrivals will be our cria; it's so exciting.

Friday 16 April 2010

Fresh grass gets the boys excited.

Today has flown by, I had a list of jobs to do and I didn't get through them all. I've had mum working her little socks off too!

The boys have had a change of field today, I have moved them further away from the girls much to Guinea's disgust. I think he thought he was off to see the ladies when I put his halter on and walked him out of his paddock.

On fresh grass the boys were all excited and have been jumping and charging about like a bunch of lunatics. Hopefully they have calmed down by now as they were getting the youngsters all excited too.

Talking of the youngsters I weighed the four smallest this morning. They are all gaining weight nicely.

I have put together Dukes hand over pack ready for tomorrows trip to Zanzibah. I have been telling him all week he will be Scottish after tomorrow. He is going to miss Star but I know he will get plenty of love from Jayne and will soon get a new girl friend.

Incidentally still no lambs!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Lady grey is prodcutive at last

Regular readers may recall I teased you at the end of last year with the arrived of three grey girls; not alpacas but chickens. Well sadly we lost two of them in the very cold weather but the third, Lady Grey has become much braver and wanders around freely now with our original girls.

She is not quite as adventurous as they are and doesn't go more than 10 feet into the neighbouring field but at least she now leaves the coop. Anyway today she produced her first ever egg and was so proud of it. She was singing on the back lawn for ages telling us all what she'd been up to.

Mum and I have been busy doing a spot of turfing today. I'd managed to acquire some spare turf from my brothers neighbour who was going to throw it away so I made great use of it. There is still some left so we will be back at it tomorrow.

This evening we took Mr Guinea for a walk through the girls field. I wanted to walk him past Imala and Geena who were both scanned empty by the vet but where spotting off. I thought Imala is pregnant but wasn't so sure about Geena as she spat off all last summer and turned out not to be pregnant.

Anyway said walk wasn't really very successful because Ursula who is clearly holding her pregnancy was not impressed with his presence and ran after him spitting like mad (this has obviously been inherited from her mum Mary), and wouldn't let him anywhere near the rest of the girls. The three young girls who were not pregnant were obsessed with him and were following his every move and the two I wanted to specifically check were off like a shot!

That didn't work then, I will have to pen them in and try again. Pesky Guinea was not amused when he left the girls and sat down in protest and refused to walk back to the boys field.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Towing something different

Just as I was finishing off the morning feed run I got a call from Paul, this is never a good sign because he only ever phones me from his mobile if there is a problem.

Today was no exception, he had broken down on the way to work. Luckily he was in the MG so I was able to go in the big car and tow him to the garage. Rather he towed me - bad move number one. He seemed to forget that I was attached to him with no power steering and brakes that were like pumping concrete, not to mention attached by a rather short tow strap!

Bad move number two was he had left his phone in the MG so when I tried to call him to tell him to slow down his phone which had a ring tone of a siren went off at the side of me and I thought I was being pulled over by the police!

Having failed with phone contact I thought I would gesticulate in his general direction which he didn't notice. There was no point in flashing him because the MG is so low down and the Honda is high up that wouldn't work. Honk the horn, that's bound to work - no, Paul was also deaf this morning.

When we stopped at the A1 roundabout I thought for a split second that I would jump out of the car and bang on his window but then thought knowing my luck he wouldn't notice and the lights would change as I was getting out.

Anyway we made it to the garage and £180 lighter on the bank balance we now have a working car again.

And, just for the record; still no lambs!

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Early starts all round

I wasn't the only one with an early start this morning, Paul had to be up at the crack of dawn too. He was taking Eubank and two of his mates to see the nasty man (at the slaughter house) before he went to work. I don't get involved with this, I appreciate it is what they are bred for but I don't like it and can't bear to be part of it. And no before you ask, I don't eat them either.

After the field was emptied I set about harrowing it, it is a big field and I'd not appreciated how much bigger than the others it is until I was driving round and round and round..................

I also disinfected all the sheep hurdles before I put them away again. I also did some of the alpaca hurdles whilst I was at it seeing as we'd used them at the weekend for lambivac injections.

The younger girls, Mallika and Sienna in particular have been charging round like loonies today jumping on each other. I think the fresh spring grass must have got to them, they've overdosed on E numbers or something. They did look very elegant pronking round the field with Lualeni heading up the rear.

The other girls kept well out of the way, they are all in their final trimester of their pregnancies and some past 300 days so they are not interested in such activities, even Ursula who is usually up for a jump about wasn't playing.

Many of the girls are spending much more time sitting down now and I have noticed that Nefertiti sits very slowly now. I'm really looking forward to babies. At this rate we will have cria before we have lambs!!

Monday 12 April 2010

Pressures of a prolapse

I had a well prepared job list for today and up until 10am things were on track, but then things went a little pear shaped.

I went to check on the sheep, Pepper in particular who is enormous and has been looking like she might lamb for ages now to find something hanging out that shouldn't have been! I had said a couple of days ago that I thought she might prolapse when she was laid down but once she got up all was fine and having never experienced such a problem before I thought maybe I was over reacting. Obviously not.

Pepper wasn't in the slightest bit bothered by the prolapse, in true Pepper style she was still eating! A call to the trusty farmer Alan was needed and yet again he came to my rescue. I knew she needed a harness putting on but how to put things back I was not so sure about, if there was a knack or was it just push or did she need to be lambed.

Thankfully everything went back in ok and with harness fitted she was straight back to eating. I will now have to keep an even closer eye on her. I've got to be honest I'm rather nervous about her lambing now. Here she is sporting a little black and red number.

The main alpaca herd are all enjoying the fresh grass, Chiquita has been stuffing as much grass in every mouthful as is physically possible just in case they have to move on.

Sienna has been flirting at the fence line to Mr Guinea who was getting all exciting. We will be mating her to him shortly, in the meantime they will just have to gaze at each other longingly.

Sunday 11 April 2010

Early to rise late to bed

We paid a flying visit to Nottingham yesterday to see various family after the morning feed run and lamb check - and no there was nothing!

I was desperate to see my new nephew, Archie. He is gorgeous and so content, I had a lovely cuddle. I haven't downloaded the photo's yet so I can't show you him.

Our friends Chris and Denise were very kindly doing the evening feed run and Alan (farmer friend) was on lamb watch. I thought Pepper was bound to produce whilst we weren't here but she didn't, and still hasn't. Alan did agree with me today though he's not sure how she is hanging on to them!!

Today we have been on the go all day. There were Lambivac injections to do this morning for the pregnant girls, all were very well behaved although Gabby had a bit more of a panic than usual, obviously her hormones.

Then we moved the girls to one of the fields behind the house ready for birthing to commence next month. I like to have them as close as possible and they certainly enjoyed the fresh grass. Not a strand of hay has been consumed today!

Despite Alice being due first on paper I think Molly will be first, she is already beginning to show signs of teat development. Willow is also waddling nicely so she might beat Alice to be second, but time will tell. Hopefully I'll have all my lambs before the alpaca cria arrive.

Once the girls had moved we had to move all the feed troughs, hurdles and hay mangers which Paul did whilst I was on water trough cleaning duties.

The boys are rather excited by the girls arrival, they are a couple of fields apart be they have a great view of each other. This won't be for long though as they boys are heading to the stud strips down the road one day this week.

Paul is on data transfer duties now, all the information off the old computer that I need on this new one. Hopefully it wont take all night but I'm not holding my breath. If I'm not back tomorrow you know it's still transferring.

Friday 9 April 2010

What baby bump

I have had further thinking time today, poo picking in other words. It has been a glorious day and the alpacas have been sunbathing. I kept looking over to the water trough expecting to see Milly climbing in but as we've sold her she's not there! I bet she has been paddling in sunny Scotland instead - I'll check after I've blogged.

Quite a few of the girls are now very visibly pregnant, I do like to see a baby bulge. It is even better when you can see baby movements, I'm not so sure it is so nice for mum when you see what sticks out sometimes though.

Alice is due first but she is hiding her baby well. She is spending more time sitting down and she has a huge appetite at the minute, but that is the only sign really. It is funny how some girls don't show at all until the baby pops out.

Imala is like that, when she had Aodhfin a couple of years ago she hid it well. We're not too sure if she is pregnant this year or not. The vet scanned her empty after she had been spitting off but we've not carried out any spit offs yet this year so time will tell.

Still have no lambs!!!

Thursday 8 April 2010

Working on a plan

I'm sure some of you were wondering where I was last night - I was watching Paul sort out the new PC and the latest connection issue. By the time it was sorted it was past my bedtime.

Cleaning the fields gives you a great opportunity to think, and I've been doing a lot of both!

The girls are clearly not going short on food judging by the amount of cleaning that is required if you get my drift! I quite enjoy it though, it gives you a good excuse to spend some time with the animals without feeling guilty about what else you could be doing.

I have my eye on a very exciting opportunity, well at least I think it could be. I was making lists in my head whilst I was poo picking which has now been transferred to paper to put to the money half of the partnership. As with most things though Paul needs a bit of convincing; unless it's his idea then it's a different story.

I'm pleased to say that my dad seems to be on the mend, thanks for all your kind comments and emails.

Still no sign of any lambs!!

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Just a short one

Just a short blog tonight as I'm shattered and waiting for a phone call from my mum with an update on my dad who has had to go to hospital this afternoon.

I felt sure that Pepper (the sheep) would have given birth this morning, she was giving all the right signs yesterday. I was up and in the field before six to find her happily munching on grass with no sign of any lambs. At this rate Mia will beat her to it.

Thankfully it has been dry here all day although rather overcast and windy which has helped to dry things out a bit. It should be dry enough in the morning to get out with the muck truck all being well, I hate it when I can't clean up.

Monday 5 April 2010

Happy Birthday Palm-Olive

Palm-Olive is one today, that year has flown by. The day she was born was very much like today, wet in the morning then drying up and extremely windy - I do have a good memory but I also keep very precise records!

She is the first and only female weanling we have released for sale. She is sired by Accoyo Remarque and has a huge amount of fine, bright white fleece, which has been very handy this winter. She is growing well and I would expect that she will be ready for mating before the end of the summer.

For the first time ever I found an alpaca tooth this morning. I've have been saying to Paul for ages I can't believe how I've never found one bearing in mind how many the animals have lost in the 3+ years we have had them.

It took me until this evening to work out who it had come from. It is Chiquita's, she yawned after she'd had her tea to reveal a mouth full of very strangely positioned teeth. She has a mix of adult and baby teeth at the minute so they are pushing each other about; not that it is bothering little Chiquita.

This will make you laugh, this afternoon I was laid on the ground in the paddock looking at Willow's undercarriage. She is at 300 days gestation today and her shape has now changed. I also spotted her baby doing what looked like somersaults this morning so I was checking to make sure there was no teat development as she is far too early yet.

Then I spotted a pair of feet, man feet! It was 'Trigger' (I have no idea why he is called that by the way), one of Alan's farm hands who had seen me on the floor as he was leaving Alans' and wanted to make sure I was ok!! I could see he thought I was mad, how embarrassing.

Sunday 4 April 2010

29 calories

We have had a visit from our friend Carol today, she came laden with some really exciting goodies. Firstly her latest batch of knitting, all new designs and very nice; you'll have to wait for photo's though.

Not only has she been knitting she has been making buttons too!!! I'd mentioned when I last saw her that I fancied making my own 'natural' buttons and hey presto Carol arrived with some she and Dave have made. They're fantastic, I love them, so she headed off home to rescue some more branches and twigs to get Dave working on more. They are so good to me.

As well as all this she also bought me some little Easter chocs to nibble on whilst I was knitting. I was going to hide them from Paul so I could eat them when he was away next week, but he spotted them. He then kindly pointed out that according to the knitting shop I dragged him in yesterday you only burn up 29 calories an hour knitting, so I could eat much chocolate. I told him I'd knit faster!!

Finally I am pleased to announce that my sister-in-law has given birth today to a bouncing baby boy. Poor Jodi has been in labour since Thursday so it's been a long job; I bet she wishes she was an alpaca!

Saturday 3 April 2010

Easter treats all round

Well it has been a typical Bank Holiday weather wise, not at all nice!

The poor alpacas are once again wet and the fields muddy, not only that it has turned cold. This winter feels like it has lasted ages, spring must be round the corner surely.

As the weather was not good we nipped into Morpeth, I needed some buttons for three garments that have been knitted. I bought two lots, one for the scarf from my hand spun yarn and a set for the cowl that Carol has knitted for me.

I then went into another shop and ended up buying two more sets for the same items I'd just bought for; they were really nice, I couldn't resist. These are both handmade and one set is made from coconut shell. I'll just have to knit another two items for the original buttons. Typically though I didn't manage to find anything suitable for the hat in either shop.

Whilst we were out and about we bought the alpacas an Easter treat; a sack of carrots. Then on the way back we had a lucky find for the sheep ............ two turnips that must have fell out of the farmers trailer!

Friday 2 April 2010

A big hitch!

Well I did warn you Paul was on IT duties today. Unfortunately the new pc will not connect to the Internet; we need a new router or something technical!

Needless to say we are back to the old very slow machine and Paul is not a happy little Ester bunny (hopefully he wont read this).

We have had a bit of a lazy day today, we are both really tired so it's an early night for us tonight.

We had a walk over to Alan's lambing shed today to see how things were doing. This involves a walk over the new footbridge over the river, the old one got washed away in the floods 18 months ago. This bridge is about five or six foot above the river, depite this with all the rain we had in the week the water had obviously been over the bridge as there was loads of straw and debris wedged in the sides!

My little foster lambs were doing just fine, the two longer term lodgers remembered me. The little boy who was at deaths door when he arrived was very pleased to see me, I get the impression he was not too keen with his new mum.

Thursday 1 April 2010

It speaks for itself

I recently got round to registering last years cria; I know I should have done it ages ago.
I was just putting the Pedigree Registration Certificates away and just thought I would share Sandstorms' with you. How is this for some cracking pedigree! He has a fabulous fleece to match.

This years birthing season will be upon us soon and we have some very exciting additions awaited. The first progeny from our elite white studs Legend of Spartacus and Gianmarco's Masterpiece, and also our first progeny from Golden Guinea.

The first cria is due in about a months time from Alice, she is one of the elite girls we have for sale. To be honest I'm amazed she's still here, she has a very advanced fleece type and great pedigree of her own and is mated to Gianmarco, Marky to his friends. If I had the land available she wouldn't be going anywhere.

Talking of going, the last for foster lambs have gone to new sheep mummys today. I was quite sad to see them go as the little boy really was at deaths door when he arrived and I managed to turn him round. It is very satisfying though - I hope they don't miss the underfloor heating too much tonight as it's going to be a cold one.

And finally just a warning as I know some of you worry if I don't blog every day. Paul is installing a new computer tower tomorrow so if I don't blog you know there has been a technical hitch!!