Friday, 9 April 2010

What baby bump

I have had further thinking time today, poo picking in other words. It has been a glorious day and the alpacas have been sunbathing. I kept looking over to the water trough expecting to see Milly climbing in but as we've sold her she's not there! I bet she has been paddling in sunny Scotland instead - I'll check after I've blogged.

Quite a few of the girls are now very visibly pregnant, I do like to see a baby bulge. It is even better when you can see baby movements, I'm not so sure it is so nice for mum when you see what sticks out sometimes though.

Alice is due first but she is hiding her baby well. She is spending more time sitting down and she has a huge appetite at the minute, but that is the only sign really. It is funny how some girls don't show at all until the baby pops out.

Imala is like that, when she had Aodhfin a couple of years ago she hid it well. We're not too sure if she is pregnant this year or not. The vet scanned her empty after she had been spitting off but we've not carried out any spit offs yet this year so time will tell.

Still have no lambs!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie

Can't you arrange a lamb to be born this weekend when we come to collect muck? Shame we missed seeing the 4 that you had earlier. Or a baby alpaca would do.....