Sunday 11 April 2010

Early to rise late to bed

We paid a flying visit to Nottingham yesterday to see various family after the morning feed run and lamb check - and no there was nothing!

I was desperate to see my new nephew, Archie. He is gorgeous and so content, I had a lovely cuddle. I haven't downloaded the photo's yet so I can't show you him.

Our friends Chris and Denise were very kindly doing the evening feed run and Alan (farmer friend) was on lamb watch. I thought Pepper was bound to produce whilst we weren't here but she didn't, and still hasn't. Alan did agree with me today though he's not sure how she is hanging on to them!!

Today we have been on the go all day. There were Lambivac injections to do this morning for the pregnant girls, all were very well behaved although Gabby had a bit more of a panic than usual, obviously her hormones.

Then we moved the girls to one of the fields behind the house ready for birthing to commence next month. I like to have them as close as possible and they certainly enjoyed the fresh grass. Not a strand of hay has been consumed today!

Despite Alice being due first on paper I think Molly will be first, she is already beginning to show signs of teat development. Willow is also waddling nicely so she might beat Alice to be second, but time will tell. Hopefully I'll have all my lambs before the alpaca cria arrive.

Once the girls had moved we had to move all the feed troughs, hurdles and hay mangers which Paul did whilst I was on water trough cleaning duties.

The boys are rather excited by the girls arrival, they are a couple of fields apart be they have a great view of each other. This won't be for long though as they boys are heading to the stud strips down the road one day this week.

Paul is on data transfer duties now, all the information off the old computer that I need on this new one. Hopefully it wont take all night but I'm not holding my breath. If I'm not back tomorrow you know it's still transferring.

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