Monday 26 April 2010

Just the spot

I'm sure I cleaned the girls field yesterday but it didn't look like it when I did it again today - they are obviously not going short of food. Although for the first time in two weeks they have actually eaten some hay.

I did a full sweep of all the fields whilst the muck truck was out so my dwindling pile of manure is now fully replenished.

I have notice the last few days that the big boys have a 'king pin' spot that they like to stand on, especially if there are people about. It is only a tiny mound but they run at it if they think one of the others will get there first. It usually ends up with a bit of argy bargy and Hughie or Guinea on the spot, however Loki is getting stuck in too.

Hopefully with Loki showing signs of interest in testosterone fueled games he may be up for some action with the girls this year. Unfortunately for Loki though Kate is first on the list and she may not the nicest of first encounters.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Ha ha, Debbie, it sounds like you're setting-up a fresh-faced boy with an 'older woman' - good luck Loki!