Tuesday 27 April 2010

Bouncing baby

There is not much to report today, other than this years brick collection has begun!

I was in the field watching Veruschka one of our top quality fleece girls whose baby was bounding all over the place. She was sat down and it was obviously causing her a little discomfort. Mind you I'm not surprised it looked like it was going to burst out of her side.

She is only at 301 days and usually carries for a very long time, both pregnancies have been over a year, so she still had a while to go yet. Thankfully things soon settled down.

This gave me the opportunity to make a couple of bricks, as they take ages to dry I like to get them started early!

I popped round to Carols this evening and she'd been busy knitting. There was a mans hat and some lovely ladies mittens too. I must get the shop updated now we have the new computer all set up and running - I have no excuse anymore.

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Rosemary said...

Oh, no! I'd forgotten about making more poo bricks! That's another job on the list and the knitting takes so long - I shall never tackle another scarf!