Saturday 24 April 2010

Sun & spit

It has been another glorious day so I have spent most of it outside. Paul replaced the muck truck pipe so I have been busy with that. It is much better again now, the sucking power is much improved and I didn't use as much petrol either.

At the minute as fast as I am picking up the muck the gardeners are coming to collect it which is good. I've got someone coming tomorrow which may actually completely clear me out for the first time in years!!

Mary is really struggling with the heat and her additional pregnancy weight. Add to that the midges which are always attracted to her. The poor thing has spent most of the day sat down in the shade.

We did a couple of spit offs this morning, Imala and Geena were both scanned empty by the vet towards the end of last year despite both spitting off. I have been convinced that Imala is pregnant but not so sure with Geena.

Both girls spat at poor Gianmarco who thought his luck was in when I walked him across the field towards the girls. Imala looked him straight in the face and gave him what for so I am still thinking the vet was wrong. Geena also spat and tried to get away but then again she did that all last summer despite not being pregnant!

I will have to get the vet out to scan them again as they both have paid for outside mating that they are waiting for. As time was pressing on last year and I couldn't take them back I used our own boys on them, one go each and they seem to think it worked.

I also introduced Alice to the boys as she is at 11 months today and is hiding her pregnancy remarkably well. I just wanted to make sure there was still something there. She wasn't amused by Gianmarco's attention so I took him away straight away as I didn't want to stress her out.

Whilst all this was going on Lualeni, Sienna and Mallika were hanging round trying to get to the boys. I will mate all three of them next month - we're still not 100% sure who will see who yet though.

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