Thursday 15 April 2010

Lady grey is prodcutive at last

Regular readers may recall I teased you at the end of last year with the arrived of three grey girls; not alpacas but chickens. Well sadly we lost two of them in the very cold weather but the third, Lady Grey has become much braver and wanders around freely now with our original girls.

She is not quite as adventurous as they are and doesn't go more than 10 feet into the neighbouring field but at least she now leaves the coop. Anyway today she produced her first ever egg and was so proud of it. She was singing on the back lawn for ages telling us all what she'd been up to.

Mum and I have been busy doing a spot of turfing today. I'd managed to acquire some spare turf from my brothers neighbour who was going to throw it away so I made great use of it. There is still some left so we will be back at it tomorrow.

This evening we took Mr Guinea for a walk through the girls field. I wanted to walk him past Imala and Geena who were both scanned empty by the vet but where spotting off. I thought Imala is pregnant but wasn't so sure about Geena as she spat off all last summer and turned out not to be pregnant.

Anyway said walk wasn't really very successful because Ursula who is clearly holding her pregnancy was not impressed with his presence and ran after him spitting like mad (this has obviously been inherited from her mum Mary), and wouldn't let him anywhere near the rest of the girls. The three young girls who were not pregnant were obsessed with him and were following his every move and the two I wanted to specifically check were off like a shot!

That didn't work then, I will have to pen them in and try again. Pesky Guinea was not amused when he left the girls and sat down in protest and refused to walk back to the boys field.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

We had some spare turfs after building the ramp, so put them over some bare soil where nettles used to dominate - we've not had a drop of rain (not complaining) since laying them so despite watering they are curling up at the edges!