Wednesday 21 April 2010

Home for a rest?

My parents have headed back home this afternoon after an eventful week here at Barnacre. Mum is now a fully fledged sheep midwife, I think she has gone home for a rest!

Before mum headed off we had a few jobs to get done. First on the list was to move the weanlings onto fresh grass. Kealani was putting her head under the fence into the neighbouring field so I thought I would save her the trouble.

Once they had moved their field was cleaned and is ready to be harrowed in the morning. Mum has even braved driving the new quad and today went into reverse with the muck truck on the back!!

All the lambs are doing well, it looks like Mia has passed on her roaming gene to Ruby, her first born lamb. This morning she was out of the field and in the channel and this evening when I went to feed everyone I watched her climb through the fence onto to roadside. I can see she is going to be trouble.

Spring has definitely arrived here as the swallows are back. I spotted a couple yesterday and today we are up to half a dozen swallows and two house martins.

Mary is starting to feel the strains of late pregnancy. She is at 316 days and is spending more and more time sitting down. I remember when she was carrying Horatio the year before last she spent most of the last month sat down other than feed time.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I was just saying about the you.. there late was 13th April last year...wondered if they had got lost in the volcanic dust !!Im keeping my eye out for arrive....Jayne